Spinach and chick peas, Paneer Tikka masala, Roasted aubergine, Peas and paneer, Chick Peas in cashew gravy, Simply Veg Special, Aubergine and potato curry.

We keep the customers requirement first in place and also we can suggest our options. With the experience behind catering we can also suggest which dish will go nice with rice. Eg ( starter and chutney ). All of our dishes in our menu has different base gravy and taste..

We love cooking ( which initially comes from our mothers recipe ). We love to provide best customer service.

Starting out with a small customers base of friends and family, the business has grown steadily through word of mouth, a great reputation, and continuously positive reviews.

We have the ability to give our customer best service possible. We always go an extra mile to help our customer. We would always keep the quality of food the best. We never negotiate in the ingredients. For more reviews please find us on Facebook page. ( @simplyvegalwayson )

We take all measures during, on the day and after to keep safe with health and safety.

We wear face mask, use hand gel keep distance while serving and working together keeping all of our customer safe. We also sanitise the surfaces, equipment more regularly. We are COVID safe.

We take extra care of allergens when preparing customers order. But all of our dishes are prepared where allergens are present.

We accept all types of catering orders. We try our best to customise all the dishes according to customers order. With the allergen point of view we can try to get allergens out of the dish and make the same taste. But we prepare all of our dishes where allergens are present. Please contact us to see if we can help you out with your favourite dish.

To make an online order with our website, customer need to create an account before placing an order. There are two sections for curries, if you include dishes from section " A CURRIES ON THE DAY " than your order will be accepted for the SAME DAY. If there is any CURRY OR DESSERT in your cart from A DAY IN ADVANCE than your order will not be placed for today. If placing an order for next day please allow us atleast 24 hours notice. If any of the ingredient for your dish is not available, we will contact you for a change of dish.